🚆 Big Move(r)s: Amazon And Ashok Leyland Are Powering Up Deliveries For You

Amazon has booked its ticket with the Indian Railway to hunt you down and deliver your parcel, no matter which part of the country you may be stuck (or hiding) in.

The e-commerce marketplace has increased its operational engagement with the national carrier, with over 325 inter-city transportation lanes to transport customer packages.

2019, when Amazon India entered into an agreement. The company, which usually lives up to its promises of ultra-quick ‘prime’ deliveries, is now looking to offer 1–2 day deliveries even in the remotest areas. Cities like Harsuguda, Ratnagiri, Kurnool, Nanded, Bareilly, Bokaro, and Rudrapur, among others, are the latest additions for its ‘prime service.’

Amazon and Indian Railways got into a relationship back in 2019 to transport the e-seller’s parcels. The new move has ushered in a 5X increase in railway lanes since then.

Trivia Tickles: Amazon is the first online delivery company to work with the Indian Railways to build an express transportation product via rail.

Along similar lines, Hinduja Group flagship Ashok Leyland has launched its new haulage. The company has expanded its successful modular AVTR portfolio by introducing a 250HP, 6-cylinder 4 valve engine with a premium N cabin in the haulage, tractor, and tipper segments.

The Chennai-based manufacturer said that the H-series engine would enable this new range of trucks to cater to high-power delivery, for their customers like Amazon, with enhanced fuel economy.

Additionally, the 2nd largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India has also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Adani Capital. The two have entered into a strategic financing partnership for Leyland’s range of light commercial vehicles.

Thus, Ashok Leyland and Adani Capital will both offer customized financial solutions for their customers in the small commercial vehicle and light commercial vehicle segments.

Now, that’s some teamwork!

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Amazon India has engaged with Indian Railways to boost its 1–2 days delivery services in the country; Ashok Leyland reveals a new range of trucks to cater to high-power delivery with enhanced fuel economy.

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