🕔 There’s More To DMRC Than Just Delhi Metro Trains

After operating metro trains in the nation’s capital for 20 years, Delhi Metro Rail Corp. (DMRC) is set to splash into newer geographies with consultancy and management projects for metro trains.

Seems like the urban mobility provider has impressed the world and made its mark.

The latest projects in the pipeline are the port city of Alexandria in Egypt, Mauritius, Jakarta, Sri Lanka, and Bahrain. Other metro networks on its radar are Tel Avi in Israel and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Domestic Deals

DMRC is currently involved in the construction work of the Mumbai and Patna Metro projects.

Innovation at large: Other rail-based solutions which are smaller in capacity but can cater to the requirements of two-tier cities like Metrolite and Metro Neo are in the planning stages for cities

A Water Metro project is also being implemented in Kochi, Kerala, by DMRC, where metro-like mass transportation services will be offered utilizing adjacent water bodies.

Not just water, but DMRC is also playing with solar energy to power its trains. Solar-generated power plants on rooftops of stations, depots, and residential quarters are producing around 47 MW of power.

Power was also drawn from waste to an energy plant in Ghazipur.

$$$ Talk

Despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the current passenger data of Delhi Metro shows that 70–75% of pre-covid passengers are returning to metro travel.

Good times are here to stay for DMRC.

Earnings in 2012–18 amounted to Rs.19.5 Cr from the sale of 3.55 million carbon credits. India’s first indigenous signaling technology, i-ATS, in association with Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL), is also underway.

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: DMRC is expanding its footprints internationally, takes new consultancy and management in Bahrain, Mauritius, Israel, and other newer geographies; water metro and solar-powered projects are also underway.

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